Where Is KontrolFreek Located?

Should I use Kontrol Freeks on both sticks?

The left one is less neccessary but it’s all about what you find comfortable.

It’s all a matter of preference.

I had short FPS Freeks on my 360 controller that I used on both sticks..

Is Kontrol Freek worth?

Kontrol Freek IS worth it because it actually works. … I played a lot of Assassin’s Creed and Dead Rising with the Kontrol Freek Phantom and didn’t notice much. A little more comfortable, a little more precise, but nothing extraordinary. But I left the Phantoms on my Xbox One controller because I’m lazy.

How long does KontrolFreek take to deliver?

Please allow 3-8 business days for domestic orders to arrive, and 3-4 weeks for all international orders. You will find general updates for your country below. If you have any questions, our customer care team is here to chat: customercare@kontrolfreek.com.

What is KontrolFreek?

KontrolFreek is the creator of Performance Gaming Gear and the leader of FreekNation, a global community of more than four million gamers. … KontrolFreek’s products for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC are available in more than 9,000 stores across 40 countries.

Do pros use Kontrol Freek?

Some pro players use them, yes. If you are playing on a default PS4 controller then I think they are a must. Some pros have scuffs and they are not needed because the height of the stick is already sufficient. With that being said every player has his preferences.

Do Thumbsticks improve aim?

When it comes to improving your game, while paddles a great difference, nothing improves your aim more than having the right thumbsticks. Everyone has different hand sizes, thumb lengths, and preferences. That’s why SCUF thumbsticks are interchangeable: to match your unique preference of comfort and playstyle.

How long does it take for UPS to ship internationally?

one to three daysIs Speed What You Need? For your shipments that need to arrive as quickly as possible, UPS offers on-time express services, typically with options for morning or end of day delivery. Time in transit typically ranges from one to three days depending on the origin and destination countries.

How does UPS international shipping work?

UPS Worldwide express® Services Send urgent international shipments with guaranteed delivery times in one to three business days, including customs clearance. UPS Worldwide Express Plus®: Guaranteed delivery by 9:00 a.m. to major business centers in over 30 countries and territories.

Who owns KontrolFreek?

Ashish Mistry“All the success we have had over the years would not be possible without our FreekNation community,” said Ashish Mistry, CEO of KontrolFreek. “With over four million engaged fans, FreekNation is the lifeblood of our company.

How do I track my Kontrol Freeks?

You can track your order door to door via the UPS tracking provided in your shipping confirmation email. Once orders have shipped, KontrolFreek has no ability to alter or cancel orders.

How long do control freaks last?

roughly 1-2 yearsThey last roughly 1-2 years with an average playtime of about 2-5 hours a day in my experience. That’s definitely worth 15 dollars to me.

Can you use Xbox one Kontrol Freeks on ps4?

KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks Compatibility Guide KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks are primarily designed for standard Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One controllers. However, they often fit other controllers!

Which Kontrol Freek is best?

Best Kontrol Freeks comparison table1st Place. – KontrolFreek FPS Freek Call of Duty Thumbsticks For PS4. … 2nd Place. PS4 KontrolFreek FPS Freek Vortex Thumbsticks Grips. … 3rd Place. KontrolFreek FPS Freek Performance Grips Spaceland fits PS4 Controllers. … 4th Place. … 5th Place.

How long is UPS International Shipping?

DELIVERY:1-3 business days, typically by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. 1-3 business days, typically by 8:30 or 9:00 a.m. Our Calculate Time and Cost application provides you with the rate and delivery time information based upon the service level you select.

Where does KontrolFreek ship from?

Any orders placed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday will ship on Monday morning from our facility in Alabama, USA. You will receive your tracking email then.

When did Kontrol Freeks come out?

2009Originally conceived in 2009 by combining the latest materials with ergonomics, KontrolFreek improved the comfort and grip of stock controller thumbsticks – thus was born the world’s first Performance Thumbstick®️.

What are Kontrol Freeks?

KontrolFreek is the leading developer of innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience and give gamers of all skill levels the competitive edge. … We work with game developers, the gaming community and KontrolFreek fans to ensure that we make the best performance gaming products possible.

Will Kontrol Freeks work on ps5?

Most people may not realize that these Kontrol Freeks should work with the Playstation 5 DualSense – The thumbsticks are almost the same from the PS4 controller!!! … Because when the PS5 releases, there probably will not be any CUSTOM DualSense controllers available until a long time after launch day.

Do FPS freeks really work?

I play with Kontrol Freeks and they definitely do help, but not drastically. They feel weird at first but when you get used to them, you can’t play without them. BTW, I recommend convex (domed) ones, but it’s really preference. I use a low rise on the left stick, and a high rise on the right stick.

Are ps4 and Xbox Thumbsticks the same?

Thankfully, several vendors have come to the rescue with affordable replacement thumbsticks. Best of all, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One use the same type of thumbstick and the same installation tools. As a result, replacement kits for both systems are more or less identical.